Vision - Raven Inspiration
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Ravens are carefree by nature and have very few predators.  They’re not picky about what they eat, territorial when they want to be and communal when they need to be.  Ravens are intelligent, playful and opportunistic with a laid back, laissez-faire attitude.  It’s contagious.

I’ve learned many lessons in the years I’ve been taking photographs of Ravens.  Lessons about perspective, focus, opportunity and surrendering to the moment to mention a few.

The first time I took pictures of Ravens happened on a whim when a set of unlikely circumstances brought us together.  Gale force winds prematurely ended a ski trip, and I was in a parking lot ready to drive home when I first saw them. Warm and finishing lunch, I could have easily driven away without taking a single shot. The dialog in my head went between comfort in the car and the hassle of gearing back up and venturing into the cold.  At that time I’d never photographed birds before and going back out was a difficult decision to make.

A lesson from a skipped photo opportunity long ago is what made me take action.  My perspective became unclouded, I focused on the moment, and took advantage of the opportunity in front of me.  I put myself into a carefree state of mind and walked over to them.  Still eating, we shared the last of my sandwich.  It seemed fair.  A quid-pro-quo, snacks instead of a modeling fee, no signed releases required.  I respected that.