Photography of Ravens – Transience

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In many cultures Raven is a spirit guide mitigating the realm between life and death, between here and there.  Raven is also seen as the keeper of synchronicity, a master of bending and folding space and time. When Raven spirit is present, you’re always in the right moment at the right time. 

When Ravens are near I feel their presence, but it may take time before one physically appears. Sometimes it’s a single Raven. Other times many more will arrive. On a good day I’ll come home with a handful of stunning Raven photographs. On other days, the only photographs of Ravens that come home are the ones in my mind. 

One moment Raven is there, the next moment she’s not.  Where did she go? Ravens are masters at luring you away from their special places. “Over here,” they call, flying from tree to tree, waiting long enough for you to catch up before moving incrementally across the land.  I know the game well.  When Raven wants to keep her distance, I honor it. Some days we play together; some days we don’t.  It’s always a courtship.