what's the difference between a raven and a crow

If you called a Raven a “Crow,”  the raven would surely be insulted, and probably carry a grudge.  If you called a Crow a “Raven,” the crow may or may not be insulted, depending on it’s mood.  Do you live in the city or the country?  If you live in a city you’re most likely in the company of crows.  Ravens prefer larger territories and the solitude of open country.

difference between raven and crow - size

Ravens are larger than crows, weighing two to three pounds.

The typical crow weighs less than a pound.

Ravens have large,  prominent and curved beaks.

Crows have narrower, smaller and straight beaks. 

difference between raven and crow - tail

Ravens have diamond, or wedge shaped tails.

A crow’s tail is fan shaped.

Ravens soar with wings outstretched.

Crows flap their wings.

difference between raven and crow - flight soar
difference between raven and crow - voice

Ravens have deep voices, that sound more like a frog’s croak. 

Crows  have shrill voices and  make a “caw” sound.

A Raven’s wingspan is 4-6 feet across.

A crow’s wingspan is 2-3 feet across.

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